• The t:slim® Insulin Pump

    After years of research, including thousands of in-depth conversations with people with diabetes and health care providers, Tandem Diabetes Care® brings you the t:slim® Insulin Pump, the first insulin pump with a touch screen that embodies a fresh new design approach and offers the most requested features in a next-generation insulin pump. It’s no surprise that the t:slim Pump is ranked #1 in overall user satisfaction and product features. We are equally proud of the fact that, despite our rapid growth, Tandem’s Customer Support is also ranked #1 among pump companies.*

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  • Simple to Learn. Simple to Use. Simple as That.

    The t:slim® Insulin Pump's color touch screen is your window to a streamlined, easy-to-use interface that places everything you want at the tip of your finger. Having eliminated the need for excessive scrolling and button pressing, the t:slim Pump is easy to learn and easy to use.

  • The t:connect® Diabetes Management Application

    The fast, easy, and visual way to fine-tune your diabetes management.

    The t:connect Diabetes Management Application is a state-of-the-art Mac and PC-compatible data management software that provides t:slim® Pump users and their healthcare providers a fast, easy, and visual way to display data from their pump and supported blood glucose meters. The t:connect Application empowers people with diabetes, as well as their healthcare providers, to easily and quickly uncover meaningful insights and trends, allowing them to fine-tune therapy and lifestyle choices for better control of their diabetes.


    Read all about the t:connect Application, view report highlights, watch videos, and more.

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  • Our People

    We understand how important strong leadership is in delivering quality and innovation and for building a solid foundation to support the future growth of a company, and we have assembled some of the most experienced and talented leaders in the business.

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    Our Values

    At Tandem, our core values guide us in the way we interact with people inside and outside the organization, how we develop and manufacture products, the way we transact business, and the integrity with which we pursue and fulfill our goal to improve the lives of people who live and work with diabetes.

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